Game Plan


We created MVP Brewing Company to show our passion for sports and beers, all while developing a Kickback Program plan to give back to the community. It was created with “You” in mind as an athlete and sports fan! We know that teams like to get together after a game and have a nice refreshing drink.


We are three friends that love sports, family, and enjoying time together! Both as a player and as a fan! We all have young families and believe it is important to come together as a community to encourage children to get involved in sports. The main concept of our business is that we will be donating 5% of all sales towards local sports organizations to help make sports more affordable and better equipped! The three of us play sports together and after the game, the team gets together to enjoy a cold beer and reminisce about all the “MVP” moments. We decided to create a light refreshing premium lager for all those sports teams who enjoy getting together, as we do, after the game!


MVP Brewing Company’s mission is to provide delicious craft beer to athletes and sports fans, all while bringing real game changer products to the beer market.


MVP Brewing Company had a goal to create a sport-inspired beer with the general athlete and sports fans in mind. With our first beer, our MVP Premium Lager only has 4.5% alcohol. This refreshing drink can be enjoyed with your team while having some MVP cheers! We wanted to provide an affordable craft beer option and offer both can sizes of 355 ml and 473 ml. We also wanted to offer kegs to sports bars and restaurants, as we all know, it is a great time to watch the big game together at your local sports bars and restaurants!

We wanted to start a Kickback Program to fundraise for community kid’s sports organizations. With 5% of every sale going towards the Kickback Program, then everyone has a chance to be a Game Changer in their community through their MVP partnership. Talk about a real Game Changer! So please enjoy responsibly and GAME ON!!!

Kickback Program


“ MVP is super clean, I will be selling it at our restaurant! ”

- Matt, MJ’s Roadhouse, Lucan, ON

“ I love the initiative and I love children sports. I admire a company that gets into business and the first thing they do is make sure there's a charitable aspect as because I've been so involved in charitable endeavors all my life. ”

- Kevin Thistle, CEO of Canadian Pro Golfing Association

“ A great way to end a workday is with a smooth and refreshing MVP. ”

- Johan, Van der Ejik Farms